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5th Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon and Symposium

The 5th Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon and Symposium on Capitol Hill will award soldiers who have paved the way for the advancement of Army Women. The event coincides with Women’s History Month, and will also feature panel discussions to advise current servicewomen honing their careers, and take on issues such as women in combat. The event will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Cannon Caucus Room, with about 200 people expected to attend, including senior women military leaders, corporate executives and military policymakers. [ more ]

Women in the Army

The Army Women’s Foundation and the U.S. Army Women’s Museum encourage women soldiers and work to preserve the legacy of women who have served the U.S. Army since the Revolutionary War. [ more ]

Microsoft designated the Army Women’s Foundation as their recognized charity during Women’s History Month.

What better way to support the legacy of women in service to our country! We are thankful for the continued support of Microsoft! In addition, Microsoft has also made the Army Women’s Foundation an organization eligible for matching gifts year-round when their employees make a donation. [ more ]

Army women honored for paving new path

The first female graduates of the 1980 class at the United States Military Academy and retired Sgt. Maj. Grace L. Mueller were honored on Capitol Hill by the U.S. Army Women's Foundation March 17. [ more ]

West Point experience illustrates changing role of women in military

In a chandeliered room packed with Army generals sat a 93-year-old woman in a bright red sweater, shaking her head. “People of your generation don’t understand that we never even imagined this could happen,” said retired Sgt. Maj. Grace Mueller. “Didn’t even consider it.” [ more ]

New Inductees into Army Women Hall of Fame

Back in 1976 the first women entered West Point on their way to Army careers. To say they weren't welcomed by all with open arms is an understatement. [ more ]

Honoring the women who serve our country

The saying goes that history is paved by the men who dared to dream, but among all those men were brave women taking risks of their own. Tomorrow some of those proud women will be honored by being inducted into the U.S. Army Women's Foundation Hall of Fame. Colonel Sylvia Moran is being inducted as one of the first women to graduate from West Point in 1980 and Command Sergeant Major Cynthia Pritchett has already been inducted. [ more ]

More than 200 Attend the U.S. Army Women Foundation’s 3rd Annual Symposium & Hall of Fame Luncheon

The U.S. Army Women’s Foundation today hosted its 3rd Annual Army Women in Transition Symposium & Hall of Fame Luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with more than 200 people attending. [ more ]

Duckworth, Vaught inducted into Army Women's Foundation hall of fame

The Army Women's Foundation inducted two new members into its hall of fame Wednesday following the Army Women in Transition Symposium on Capitol Hill. [ more ]

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